Discontinued Products

Dash Displays
PLEX SDM-300 Display

SDM-300® – 4.3” [dc’d]

Affordable 4.3” motorsport quality Dash Display with fully config. CAN BUS, preloaded CAN templates, Smart Alarms, Engine Log & Custom UI. Works with OBDII

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PLEX SDM-500 Display & Logger

SDM-500® GPS – 4.3” [dc’d]

4.3” high-end Dash Display & Logger with 256Mb memory, on-device datalog reviewing, 20Hz GPS, performance meter, custom UI and smart alarms

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Engine Tuning Tools


World’s best Knock Detection device with per cylinder & throughout the RPM range detection, advanced audio filtering, dedicated audio DSP, analog load sensor input and audio out

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PLEC PCM-1000 Combustion Monitor (discontinued)

PCM-1000® [dc’d]

Combustion analyser and data-logger for high-end tuning and engine building. CAN BUS, Up to 8 channels support, autonomous logger and more

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