Key Features

4.3'' Ultra-vidid IPS Display

Very bright & high-contrast (1000 cd/m2) 800 x 480 IPS TFT colour display with high-quality broadband ARC antireflective glass for optimum performance in all light conditions

Enhanced Per-Cylinder Detection

Much more accurate per cylinder knock monitoring using the engine position signal input

Advanced Knock Detection Settings

Level-up your detection by setting signal gain per cylinder and/or per sensor and configure signal windowing* vs engine position


Simultaneous viewing and logging of CAN BUS data from ECUs and other devices

CAN BUS Output

Fully configurable CAN BUS message output of all available device data channels

2.8'' Ultra-bright Color TFT Display

New high-brightness and high-contrast IPS TFT display lets one view critical real-time knock data and also recorded files playback on the spot

Hi-fidelity Audio Filtering

Steep 30 dB band and high pass filters that isolate knock from background noise can be selected for different type of engines

Engine Position Signal Decoding

Easy interface to existing crank/cam trigger signals for engine speed and position input

Configurable RBG LED Lights

4 configurable LEDs to warn user and indicate device status and knock alarms

100Mbit Ethernet

Very fast real-time data streaming to PC or dynamometers plus isolated operation

Unlimited USB Datalogging

New version can datalog multiple CAN BUS channels

Dedicated Multi-core DSP

New processing core enhances audio signal rectifying and facilitates more advanced knock detection algorithms

3D Knock Threshold*

Multiple options for the automatic or user defined knock threshold calculation with corrections vs engine speed and load

Floating Knock Signal Inputs

Can be connected in parallel with ECU OEM sensors

Powerful PC Analysis SW

New version compatible with our PDA-WIN Data Analysis & Visualization software

Industrial M8 Wiring System

New, improved and simplified M8 wires make the use of the Knock Monitor much more convenient

* to be realased with future FW/SW updatates

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