PLEX μSDM-200 Micro Display (NEW)

PLEX μSDM-200®

2.8″ Fully Configurable, Pro-level Micro Display
ultra-compact | versatile | pro-level

Introducting the 2nd Gen PLEX μSDM Micro Display, a small but ultra versatile 2.8” display for motorsport and automotive applications. The new PLEX μSDM-200 (or uSDM-200) succeeds the discontinued μSDM-100 & μSDM-102, bringing rich color, fully re-designed electronics, customizable UI & a weather protection enclosure. It will be available in 3 versions: (D) display only, (DL) D +logging & 2x multi-function inputs and (DLG) DL all-in-one with built-in GNSS & IMU for lap timing & performance measurements.

Availability: in-stock  | Price ex.VAT: €559 – €799

Key Features

2.8'' Sunlight Readable High Contrast TFT Display

Very bright (900 nits), high contrast IPS display (viewable from all angles) with auto-dimming allows for uncompromised viewing ergonomics.

Predictive Lap Timing with Instant Driver-Feedback

Built-in concurrent multi-GNSS module (all satellite systems) and 6-axis motion sensor enable effective lap timing with seamless driver-feeback for improvement gains.

Fast and more Powerful Processor

New more powerful CPU allows for independent high speed processing of the various sub systems (display, can bus decoding, can bus transmit, math channels, lap timing etc) so that high performance is guaranteed even with complex configurations.

Quick-Glance™ UI

Proprietary UI design ensures optimal viewability & reduced driver distraction via optimised colour & contrast for enhanced driver’s peripheral vision.

Always-on Performance Meter Functionality*

Integrated performance meter functionality that runs constantly in the background calculates vehicle acceleration & deceleration performance with xxxxx

Industrial Quality Configurable Keypad

4-button industrial quality membrane keypad with excellent tactile feedback and custom functions to suit any user requirement. Suitable also for gloves.

Auto Page Changing

Hands-free display page changing based on user-defined conditions such as engine status and/or load to help you keep your attention focused

Built-in Datalogging Memory

Fully configurable and seamless logging of multiple data channels for in-depth examination on the free and intuitive PLEX PDA-WIN Analysis & Visualisation Software.

Rugged Weather Sealed Enclosure

High-quality anodised CNC enclosure with IP64 rated water & dust protection. Flat back-side with no protruding connectors or wires enables easier mounting.
Product Versions


Display Only

  • Fully configurable UI and CAN BUS
  • Up to xx Pages
  • Up to Data Channels
  • Permanent Engine Log
  • Smart Alarms


Diplay Logger

  • + 2x Multi-purpose Inputs
  • + USB Datalogging
  • up to xx Pages
  • up to xx Data Channels


All-in-One: Display, Logger & GNSS Lap Timer

  • + Predictive Lap Timing
  • + Always-on Performance Meter
  • + Advanced Math Channels
  • + 6-axis accellerometer
  • + 100Hz IMU

SDM Displays Comparison Table
Design & PriceuSDM-200SDM-330SDM-550SDM-700-R (2024)
Price ex. VAT€559 - €799€1099 - €1.539€1.749€2.499
Dimensions in mm (w/h/d)86.5/63/16125/83.5/14-32145/95/16200/129/27-47
MaterialCNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.
Weather Sealing / IP RatingIP64IP67IP67IP67
TypeColour IPS TFTColour IPS TFTColour IPS TFTColour TFT
Refresh Rate50Hz50Hz50Hz50Hz
RBG LED Lights3 (conf.)12 (conf.)16 (conf.)16 (conf.)
ConnectorJWPF39pin / flat mount26 pin / sealed37 pin / sealed
Multi-purpose Inputs2x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR
Switch Inputs2 (shared)8x2x4x
Thermocouple Inputs---2
Aux Outputs1 (shared)2 LS2 LS2HS & 2LS
Wiring Loomyesoptionaloptionaloptional
Control Interface /Joystickmembrane keypadoptionaloptionaloptional
RS232tbd (shared)111
LIN BUStbd (shared)111
Data TransferUSBUSB/Wi-FiUSB/Wi-FIUSB/Wi-Fi
Internal Sensors
Accelerometer6-axis (DGL version)external (optional)3-axis3-axis
IMU100Hz (DLG version)100Hz (ext./optional)100Hz100Hz
GPS10Hz GNSS (DLG version)25Hz GNSS (ext./optional)25Hz GNSS25Hz GNSS
Light Sensoryesyesyesyes
Real-time Clockyesyesyesyes
Device TEMP Sensoryesyesyesyes
User Interface
# of Pagesup to 24up to 32up to 48up to 48
# of Display Parametersup to 128from 256up to 512up to 512
Custom Pagesyesyesyesyes
Custom Page Designyesyesyesyes
Colour Themesyesyesyesyes
MemoryBuilt-in Flash (DL/DLG versions)USB (optional)USB
Logging Rate / Channel100Hz / variable100Hz / variable100Hz / variable500Hz / variable
# Logged Channels64 - 128256512512
Engine Logyesyesyesyes
Alarms Logyesyesyesyes
Lap Timingyes (DLG version)yes (optional)yesyes
Acceleration Performanceyes (DLG version)yes (optional)yesyes
Engine Power & Torqueyes (DLG version)yes (optional)yesyes
Math Channelsup to 8from 16from 16from 16
Custom Flagsyesyesyesyes
Trip Meter (dist./time/avg. speed)yesyesyesyes

PLEX μSDM-200®

2.8″ Fully Configurable, Pro-level Micro Display
ultra-compact | versatile | pro-level

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