PBC PRO Boost Controller



Next Gen Boost Controller with OBD CAN BUS 
fully configurable | dead accurate | updatable

The PLEX PBC PRO® is a revolutionary next generation electronic boost controller recognised for its unsurpassed  accuracy, on-the-fly configuration,  wide versatility, 7D simultaneous boost control and its motorsport specifications. Unlike other boost controllers, the PBC PRO comes with OBD CAN BUS functionality  which make it capable of displaying various OBD parameters and using OBD PIDs for advanced engine protection. It is available in two CAN BUS versions that also include EGT input(s) and a basic version without CAN BUS and EGTs.

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Key Features

Cutting Edge Boost Control

Pro-level boost control by gear, rpm, speed, throttle, air temp and time, in any simultaneous combination both in open and close loop modes

Smart Engine Protection

Utilise EGT inputs, Lambda – A/F ratio, fuel pressure and OBD PIDs to set warnings and limits and proactively prevent engine damage

Boost Histogram Logging

Keep track of engine strain by monitoring total boost time on different kPa segments


Supporting EURO OBDII (ISO15765), the PBC PRO lets you display & utilise a variety of data from stock ECUs with no need for extra wiring or sensors

Fully Configurable On The Fly

Dedicated keys and easy ribbon menu lets you configure the PBC PRO fully from the device. No need for a PC.

Settings Lock Options

Password lock the boost limits, tuning settings and the boost log statistics to protect your customer from negligence by frivolous adjustment of the settings

Lambda - A/F Display & Limits

Connect the PBC PRO to most available Wideband Lambda controllers display values and set warnings & limits that will shut off boost lambda is leaner

EGT Inputs / Alarms

Single or dual-EGT inputs let you monitor exhaust gas temperature and set warning alarms and limits to avoid damage from overheating

4 Adjustable User Presets

Set custom configurations that match your different driving preferences and switch between them easily either by external switches or via the dedicated keys.
Product Video
Product Hardware Details
PBC PRO HW Details
Pro-level Boost Control in 7 Dimensions

Multi-level, simultaneous boost control by following variables: Gear, RPM, Throttle, Air-Temp, Speed and Time. Choose between open or closed  loop modes and easily adjust the solenoid or boost target duty cycles versus each dimension. Configure the boost control maps right on the device and save up to four different custom presets with your preferred settings.

OBD CAN BUS Functionality

The PBC PRO® comes with and OBD CAN BUS port which allows you to display & utilize data from stock engine control units (EURO OBDII – ISO15765 / most vehicles after 2006), such as water, air temp., engine load, manifold pressure and ignition timing without the need for extra wiring. Choose whether you prefer to display 1, 2, 4 or 8 different parameters at the same time and this way use the PBC PRO to replace other gauges that are over-cluttering your dashboard.

Fully Configurable On-The-Fly

Five dedicated keys, and an easy to navigate ribbon menu, let you set-up or reconfigure the PBC PRO completely from the device, without the need for a PC

Powerful, Wide-Angle LED Light

A very strong  and configurable wide-angle LED light can be used as shift light and also warn you on boost and EGT settings

Micro USB Port for FW Updating

To future proof the PBC PRO, we’ve added a micro USB port that allows firmware updates with enhanced or added functionality

Up to 6bar Boost Control

Unlimited boost management even for extreme power drag racing vehicles. The PBC PRO comes with our default 4bar map sensor but can accept sensors up to 6bars.

Auto Peak Boost Display

Peak hold function allows easy display of the peak boost figure with just a single click and can also be programmed to display the peak boost value automatically

Ethanol Content Display

Connect a flex fuel sensor and display the ethanol content percentage which is useful for mixed fuel vehicles

PLEX PBC PRO Boost Controller
plex pbc pro
Smart Engine Protection

EGT Inputs

The CAN BUS versions come equipped with 1 or 2 EGT inputs to let you monitor exhaust gas temperatures easily and set both alarms and limits to prevent engine damage from overheating

Wideband A/F Ratio

Connect the PBC PRO to most available Wideband A/F Ratio controllers to display lambda values and use them for warnings and limits. If engine exceeds a set boost threshold & the lambda is leaner than the set limit, a warning will be displayed and the boost will shut-off.

Fuel Pressure

The PBC PRO calculates the differential fuel pressure and uses this value to apply warning and limit when the fuel delivery is not adequate. Requires the AEM 10bar Fuel Pressure Sensor.

PBC PRO Boost Controller
4 User Adjustable Presets

Create up to 4 different presets and store them with your preferred names. Decide which will be the “default” one, and easily switch among the different presets with just a couple clicks and with an external switch.

Lock Options for Tuners

Better safe than sorry. The PBC PRO offers convenient password protection that lets you lock the boost limits, the tuning settings and/or the boost log statistics and this way protect your customer from frivolous adjustment of the settings that can lead to negligence.

PBC PRO Boost Controller
Porsche 996t Protocol

Chose the Porsche 996t protocol from the menu and without extra wiring, using the CAN bus connection to the ECU, view and utilise engine rpm vehicle speed, water temp, intake air temp and throttle position. Available only on CAN BUS versions. 

VW Group Protocol

Choose the VW Group protocol from the menu to display and utilise extended ECU parameters such as knock retard per cyl., fuel pressure, oil temp, misfire count, rpm, lamdba, speed, water/air temp., throttle position & ignition timing. Available only on CAN BUS versions. 

What Customers Say
``..We have this boost controller installed in 10 cars now over the 12 past months, and never had an issue. This is the only boost controller we plan to use as it meets all our current requirements and we know that if we need more functionality, it will be provided..``- NINE EXCELLENCE - UK | Ken Napier
``...We chose the PBC PRO because of its quick and easy installation combined with its dead accurate boost control...No other controller I've tried comes close to offering the vast amount of open and closed loop control options Plex does, it's an amazing unit...``- AMS PERFORMANCE - USA | Arne Toman
`` ...We were in need of a boost controller that could control boost pressure in relation to TPS opening, gear input and RPM all at the same time, and it had to do that in a very accurate way. So it was the natural choice for us to select the PBC PRO that is known for its high quality and specifications...``- GIK TURBO - Norway | Marcelo Garcia
``...For a powerfull street car running on real world conditions and dirty highway asphalt, it is very critical to be able and control effectively boost by speed. The PBC PRO does an excellent job on this while also offering easy compensations by air temp and EGTs...``- ESMOTOR - Turkey | Emre Leven
``...For our drag projects we particularly use boost vs rpm, speed and gear (simultaneously) and the PBC PRO is the only boost controller that offers this capability. This allows us to really tune boost finely and therefore ensure that the torque delivery of the engine matches the available traction of the car...``- PETROPOULOS TUNING - Greece| Panos Petropoulos
``...Drivability was ensured by utilising the PBC PRO's boost vs throttle position and vs RPM and street safety was made possible by setting smart engine protection limits and also locking the tuning settings of the device so that we are the only ones who can manipulate the configuration...``- TUNEHOUSE - Australia | Jim Ghelis
Product Versions Comparison Chart
Product Versions
  • Basic: no OBD, no EGT(s)
  • OBD / Single EGT Input
  • OBD / Dual EGT Inputs
Technical Spec
  • Operating Voltage: 6-18 V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +60 C
  • Dimensions: w 90mm, h 50mm, d 17mm
  • Weight: 110g
What’s in the Box
  • Boost Controller
  • Solenoid Valve
  • 4bar Map Sensor
  • Tyco Spec44 Wiring Loom
  • Mounting Screws
  • 3M Velcro tape
PBC PRO Boost Controller

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