SDM-700 Dash Display & Logger


7” Pro-level Dash Display & Central Logger 
high precision | fully configurable | multi-functional

The revised PLEX SDM-700-R® elevates our flagship 7” Pro-level Display & Central Logger with advanced features and enhanced performance. This new version boasts state-of-the-art electronics, an upgraded 25Hz multi-GNSS module for superior accuracy, WiFi capabilities, and expanded logging functions. It also introduces a refined UI with improved graphical elements, all encased in a durable IP67-rated aluminum enclosure. A robust multi-core processor ensures peak performance across complex configurations, while our proprietary QuickGlance™ UI enhances driver visibility and ergonomics in demanding circumstances. Additionally, the SDM-700-R® is now compatible with the latest PLEX Device Manager V2 software, offering unparalleled customization and speed.

Availability: limited stock | Price (excl. VAT): €2.499

Key Features

7'' High-Brighness TFT Display

Uncompromised quality with 1000cd daylight view 800×480 display. ARC type broadband anti-reflective coating. Easily viewable in all light & weather conditions.

Built-in 25Hz Multi-GNSS

Up to  25Hz internal multi-GNSS module with ultra-fast start-up time (1-3 sec) enables accurate predictive lap-timing with section break down and raw data logging.

Smart Alarms / Warnings

22 pre-loaded Smart Alarms require that you only input the trigger value. User defined alarms and alarm history (last 2000) also available.

IP67 Environment Protection

Fully sealed enclosure effectively protects device against dust and water

High Volume & Speed Datalogging

Log up to 500 data channels at 1000Hz

QuickGlance™ UI

Proprietary UI design ensures optimal viewability and reduced driver distraction by optimising smart colour coding and contrast for the driver’s peripheral vision.

Up to 512 Data Channels

Display and log up to 512 different data channels, status/error flags from external sensors, connected devices and internal calculated values

2 Fully Configurable CAN BUS Ports

Programmable CAN BUS ports for msg receive & transmit let you configure the display to communicate with any CAN Bus device

32 Math Channels

Create up to 32 user-defined math channels allow custom parameters to be calculated in real-time

High-speed USB Port

Ultra fast data log memory download and easy device configuration from the PC

Serial Connectivity

2x RS232 ports, 1x LIN Bus port

Automatic Page Changing

Hands-free display page changing based on user-defined conditions such as engine status and/or load to help you keep your attention focused.

Built-in 100Hz IMU Module

Accurate internal Inertia Measurement Unit provides acceleration and absolute orientation data which can be used for vehicle dynamics analysis

Up to 48 Display Pages

Add up to 48 different display pages and choose among different predefined page layouts or create your own

Unlimited USB Data-logging

Unlimited logging memory using USB flash drives for zero file download time

37pin Motorsport Connector

8 multi-purpose inputs (ana, dig, freq), 4x switch inputs, 2x K-type thermocouple inputs, 8x high-speed and precision ana inputs, 2 engine position VR/hall inputs, 4x  aux outputs (HS/LS), multiple fixed & adjustable sensor power supplies
After Market ECU Compatibility

The PLEX Data Analysis WIN Software® (PLEX PDA-WIN) is one of the easiest, fastest and most versatile data analysis & visualisation solutions available that is meant to shape the way racers benefit from logged data by saving time & enabling smarter decision making. The intuitive UI and customisation options help one decipher complex engine, race, driver & tuning data by visualising it in easy to interpret & compare graphs, tables and other analysis components. Additionally, its .csv/proprietary file import function (Pro version) makes it suitable for any logger, ECU and display.

Customisable UI

User defined layout of tabs and panels with handy panel docking similar to latest Windows SW suite.

Easy File Comparison

Seamlessly switch between single and comparison view even for completely different file types such as a dyno run with a track lap.

Video File Sync

Sync and review your video data along with the log data to get additional information on driver performance and data context

Fast Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for the main menu and panel functions speed up the set-up time and real-time analysis considerably.

Live Data Updating

Zoom levels & cursors are linked among all analysis panels/graphs allowing automatic rescaling & cross referencing of data.

CSV Data Import

Take advantage of the PLEX Data Analysis Sw & use it to analyse data, from any logging system (ECUs, dedicated loggers, etc)

Multiple Data Graphs & Reports

Line-graphs, navigation graphs, XY graphs, histograms, gauges, track-maps, tuning maps, laps/runs reports, data values at cursor and more.

Built-in Project Database

Create and keep track of events, tracks, drivers, vehicles and engines for easy referencing and historical data tracking.

Smart Tuning Maps

Optimise your fuel and ignition maps by analysing the log data in tuning maps with the same breakpoints as your ECU.
Design & PriceuSDM-200SDM-330SDM-550SDM-700-R (2024)
Price ex. VAT€559 - €799€1099 - €1.539€1.749€2.499
Dimensions in mm (w/h/d)86.5/63/16125/83.5/14-32145/95/16200/129/27-47
MaterialCNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.
Weather Sealing / IP RatingIP64IP67IP67IP67
TypeColour IPS TFTColour IPS TFTColour IPS TFTColour TFT
Refresh Rate20Hz50Hz50Hz50Hz
RBG LED Lights3 (conf.)12 (conf.)16 (conf.)16 (conf.)
ConnectorJWPF39pin / flat mount26 pin / sealed37 pin / sealed
Multi-purpose Inputs2x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR
Switch Inputs2 (shared)8x2x4x
Thermocouple Inputs---2
Aux Outputs1 (shared)2 LS2 LS2HS & 2LS
Wiring Loomyesoptionaloptionaloptional
Control Interface /Joystickmembrane keypadoptionaloptionaloptional
RS232tbd (shared)111
LIN BUStbd (shared)111
Data TransferUSBUSB/Wi-FiUSB/Wi-FIUSB/Wi-Fi
Internal Sensors
Accelerometer6-axis (DLG version)external (optional)3-axis3-axis
IMU100Hz (DLG version)100Hz (ext./optional)100Hz100Hz
GPS10Hz GNSS (DLG version)25Hz GNSS (ext./optional)25Hz GNSS25Hz GNSS
Light Sensoryesyesyesyes
Real-time Clockyesyesyesyes
Device TEMP Sensoryesyesyesyes
User Interface
# of Pagesup to 24up to 32up to 48up to 48
# of Display Parametersup to 128from 256up to 512up to 512
Custom Pagesyesyesyesyes
Custom Page Designyesyesyesyes
Colour Themesyesyesyesyes
MemoryBuilt-in Flash (DL/DLG versions)USB (optional)USB
Logging Rate / Channel100Hz / variable100Hz / variable100Hz / variable500Hz / variable
# Logged Channels64 - 128256512512
Engine Logyesyesyesyes
Alarms Logyesyesyesyes
Lap Timingyes (DLG version)yes (optional)yesyes
Acceleration Performanceyes (DLG version)yes (optional)yesyes
Engine Power & Torqueyes (DLG version)yes (optional)yesyes
Math Channelsup to 16from 16from 16from 16
Custom Flagsyesyesyesyes
Trip Meter (dist./time/avg. speed)yesyesyesyes
  • SDM-700-R (2024)
  • Operating Voltage: 10-18V
  • Operating Temp: -10C to 50C
  • Sealing: IP67
  • Dimensions: w 200mm x h 129.5mm x d 27/47mm
  • Display
  • Souriau 37pin Connector
  • Connector Pins
  • GPS Antenna
  • USB Cable



Availability: limited stock | Price (excl. VAT): €2.499


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