EXTRA: Knock threshold vs rpm calibration

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This extra step is only valid when the user has selected the "RPM TRIG" BASIC preset.

Required Actions

(below photos are color simulations)

1. Run the engine with power through the rev range using safe / retarded ignition timing settings.You can verify that there is no knock by listening through the headphones.

2. Observe the recorded engine noise profile on the screen and adjust the knock signal gain in menu 2.3 if the recorded knock signal is too low or too high.

3. After the gain has been set, press the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" buttons briefly at the same time to enter "edit" mode.

4. Use the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" buttons to move the vertical cursor and the "UP" and "DOWN" button to adjust the threshold line so that it is slightly above the

   recorded base noise profile.

5. To exit "edit" mode press the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" buttons briefly at the same time again.


- Engine knock will appear as offset pixels above the knock threshold line