PCM-1000 Combustion Monitor

PLEX PCM-1000 Combustion Monitoring

PLEX PCM-1000®

Portable Combustion Analysis & Data Logging
modular | upgradable | rugged

PLEX PCM-1000 is a portable combustion analyser & logger that is specifically developed for high-end tuning applications. It’s accessible price point coupled with extended connectivity options and the in-depth PC Analysis SW make it a definitive tool for taking your tuning to the next level. Available in single, 4-channels and 8-channels versions.

Availability: Discontinued | Lead Time:
***This Product is replaced by the new PCA-2000***

Key HW Features

4.3'' TFT Display

Perform first-level real-time analysis inside the cockpit. Monitor the ‘pulse’ of the engine while in motion and analyse logged data

On-device Real-time Calculated Parameters

Maximum Pressure & Slope , Maximum Pressure Slope & Position, Maximum Pressure & Position Average, Knock Index, IMEP

High-Speed mini USB Port

Device configuration on the PC, firmware updates/upgrades an real-time data streaming to the PC

Warning LED & External Switch

2 dedicated outputs for LED light warning and for external switch (log start / end)

OEM Crank Trigger Signal Usage

Determine engine position conveniently without installing additional position encoder. Most common trigger patterns supported.

Real-time Display of Additional Sensors

Display and log Map, Lambda, Temp, EGT, Pressure, Barometric Pressure and CAN Bus Data

3 Engine Position or Frequency Inputs

Crankshaft trigger angle and engine phase detection or wheel/drive shaft and turbocharger/supercharger speeds

Rugged Ergonomic Enclosure

High quality CNC Aluminium case with back side grip-friendly form when operating as standalone

Autonomous Operation

On board memory allows up to 1 hour data-logging on the device & lithium battery enables portable operation for approximately 1.5 hours

Multi-Cylinder Combustion Parameters Comparison

Visualisation of combustion parameters from multiple cylinders superimposed on same analysis sheet

Analog Inputs

4 High-speed ana inputs (0-5V) for cylinder, intake or exhaust pressure and 4 low-speed ana inputs for auxiliary sensors
Supported Sensor Vendors
PLEC PCM-1000 Combustion Monitoring System
Hardware – Firmware & Software Options
PCM-Win® | In-Depth Analysis Software

PCM-Win, the advanced analysis and device configuration software, is actually the backbone of the system that provides all the necessary insights for performance and reliability improvements.

Complete Log-file Overview

View complete log-files & easily select specific sections
for additional analysis

File Comparison

Overlaid comparison of two different log-files with
adjustable file alignment

Absolute Combustion Pressure Correction

Since combustion pressure sensors provide arelative output, the recorded combustion pres. data has to be corrected to an absolute reference. The PCM-WIN provides all 3 known correction options: i. reference to measured manifold pressure, ii. reference to a fixed pressure, iii. compression pressure curve fitting to a polytropic index

3D Maps wit Freely Selectable Axis

Select more than 60 parameters andform 3D datamaps
that visualise logged data effectively.Then use the advanced
filters to focus on those datapoints for the required tuning

Advanced Data Filtering Options

Apply advanced filters and enhance comprehension of
displayed data. Narrow your focus to those data regions that
are necessary for your project in hand

Data Presets for Easy Inferencing

Knock Index, Ignition, Power, Power vs Knock, etc
Analysis of Every Single Combustion Cycle

View combustion pressure vs crank angle from all cylinders and examine combustion parameters cycle per cycle

Alternative Views of the Combustion Cycles

View combustion pressure vs cylinder volume and examine the low pressure region of each cycle with options for valve overlap, exhaust expansion and loop areas

Indicative Sensor Compatibility Chart

*** This Product is Discontinued and Replaced by the new PCA-2000 ***

Check Out the PCA-2000

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