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Small in size, big in performance, our 2.4” High-Contrast OLED Micro Dash Display is suitable for most after-market ECUs and for OBDII (ISO15765). Being fully configurable (custom CAN BUS), the PLEX uSDM® comes with most of the functionality and the overall quality found on our larger SDM Dash Displays. It works both vertically and horizontally and is the right product for quality driven customers who are constrained on size or budget, but who also demand versatility and customisation.

availability: discontinued
New generation micro displays coming soon! Stay tuned!

Key Features

2.4'' High-Contrast OLED Display

High-contrast vivid and low-distraction graphics. Auto display dimming & anti-reflective coating. Effective viewing ergonomics.

Smart Alarms / Warnings

Easy to setup pre-loaded alarms with history of
the last 100 kept in memory with time, duration & value

Permanent Engine Log

Continuous independent log of key engine parameters such as RPM , MAP, ECT, OILT, FUELT, EGT1, EGT2 and min. BATV, which are displayed in histograms.

Ultra-fast Refresh Rate

The 20Hz display refresh rate ensures a smooth real-time experience with zero lag in value updates.

Fully Configurable

Fast CAN BUS receive & transmit configuration, custom page layouts and multi-use inputs let you configure the display according to your own terms

Intuitive PC Software

Advanced yet easy and quick to use configuration SW. Full CAN BUS configuration, Math Channels (μSDM-102),  Engine Log Review & free Updates.

Automatic Page Changing

Hands-free display page changing based on user-defined conditions like engine load to help you keep your attention focused on the track

Up to 128 Data Channels

Display up to 128 data / flag channels: ECU, OBDII, sensors and internally calculated. View what’s crucial & act when necessary.

Motorsport Specifications

High-quality anodised CNC aluminium body
and military spec wiring (Tyco Spec44) ensure a rigorous and long-term use.
After-Market ECU Compatibility
Stock ECU Compatibility
SDM Displays Stock ECU ListMore protocols to be added soon
After-Market ECU Compatibility
Stock ECU Compatibility
Product Videos
Product Hardware Details
Product Hardware Details
PLEX μSDM Micro Display
High-Constrast Antireflective OLED Display

Very bright 2.4” Anti-reflective OLED display ensures optimum viewing ergonomics from all angles and in all light conditions. We chose yellow-on-black because of its inherit vividness as it allows reading the display information with just a quick glance. There’s also an auto-dimming function that adjusts the display’s brightness to match external light conditions.

PLEX μSDM Micro Display
PLEX mSDM Display
Vertical & Horizontal Orientation

Depending on your preferences or project requirements, you can install the μSDM® horizontally or vertically, as it comes with display page layouts for both orientations. The vertical orientation makes it ideal as a gear indication display with ultra-large gear numerals but can also be used with alternate display page layouts for various other applications.

Automatic Display Page Changing

Like our larger SDM Displays, the PLEX μSDM® comes with Auto Display Page Changing which allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and your focus on the track without having to manually switch among different page layouts. You only have to decide on the conditions and the parameters for 4 different display pages: “WARM-UP”, “RACE”, “ERROR” and “NORMAL” and once the thresholds are reached the μSDM® will automatically switch to the respective page, like in the below example.

View up to 64 ECU or OBDII Channels

Depending on your ECU’s capacity and the connected sensors (μSDM-102), the μSDM® can display up to 64 different channels. Always be in the know of what’s going on inside your engine.

1-Click Peak Hold Function

Easily view the the maximum value of every displayed parameter with just 1-Click. Then, either click “Back” to maintain this value in memory, or click to dismiss and start fresh.

Permanent Engine Log / Histograms

The μSDM comes with a permanent Engine Log function, which keeps an independent archive with min. and max. values on key engine parameters such as RPM, MAP, ECT, OILT, FUELT, EGT1, EGT2 and the min. BATV.


20 pre-loaded Smart Alarms which only require that you input their trigger value reduce set-up time by more than 80%. Alarms will flash in high contrast according to set priorities. A history of the last 50 alarms including their date, value and duration will be  stored in a log for later retrieval on the PC SW.


Fully programmable CAN BUS for message receive lets you configure the display to collect information for almost any CAN Bus ECU or other device on the market. Configurable message transmit lets you control other devices such as PDMs or translate message to a different format as required.


A powerful RGB LED Light acts both as a configurable colour shift light (solid & flashing modes) and status light that can indicate alarms, even when displayed message pushed temporarily to the background, and datalogging memory status.

PLEX uSDM Micro Display
Multiple Display Page Layouts

More than 10 different display page layouts in horizontal mode and 4 in vertical mode to choose from. In each layout users can select the ECU/OBDII channels to be displayed on each position / gauge and also decide on the metrics.

Pro version features


32MB internal memory capable of logging up to 3hrs at 20Hz rate that you can post analyse with our PC Analysis SW (coming soon).

Math Channels

4 user-defined math channels allow custom parameters to be calculated in real-time. Examples: break bias calculation, long-button hold detection, accumulated condition active time, and more.


4 Multi-purpose inputs that can be used for a variety of analog or frequency sensors, 2x thermocouple inputs (EGTs), 1x RS232 port
Fast & Intuitive PC Software

When setting-up a display for a project, the single most important attribute for tuners/race engineers is the required time. Our revised PLEX Device Manager® SW, provides the fastest and most intuitive configuration experience by reducing set-up time by up to 70%. You can now spend more time in tuning and testing than in customising and configuring the displays for your customers.

Download SW

The new PLEX Data Analysis WIN PRO Software® (PLEX PDA-WIN PRO) is one of the easiest, fastest and most versatile data analysis & visualisation solutions available that is meant to shape the way racers benefit from logged data by saving time & enabling smarter decision making. The intuitive UI and customisation options help one decipher complex engine, race, driver & tuning data by visualising it in easy to interpret & compare graphs, tables and other analysis components. Additionally, its .csv file import function makes it suitable for any logger, ECU and display. Get the PLEX PDA-WIN Pro®and race based on facts, not intuition.

Customisable UI

User defined layout of tabs and panels with handy panel docking similar to latest Windows SW suite.

Easy File Comparison

Seamlessly switch between single and comparison view even for completely different file types such as a dyno run with a track lap.

Vide File Sync

Sync and review your video data along with the log data to get additional information on driver performance and data context

Fast Keyboard Shortbuts

Keyboard shortcuts for the main menu and panel functions speed up the set-up time and real-time analysis considerably.

Live Data Updating

Zoom levels & cursors are linked among all analysis panels/graphs allowing automatic rescaling & cross referencing of data.

CSV Data Import

Take advantage of the PLEX Data Analysis Sw & use it to analyse data, from any logging system (ECUs, dedicated loggers, etc)

Multiple Data Graphs & Reports

Line-graphs, navigation graphs, XY graphs, histograms, gauges, track-maps, tuning maps, laps/runs reports, data values at cursor and more.

Built-in Project Database

Create and keep track of events, tracks, drivers, vehicles and engines for easy referencing and historical data tracking.

Smart Tuning Maps

Optimise your fuel and ignition maps by analysing the log data in tuning maps with the same breakpoints as your ECU.
SDM Displays Comparison Table
Design & PriceuSDM-100uSDM-102SDM-330SDM-550SDM-700
Price ex. VATdiscontinueddiscontinued€1099 - €1.539€1.749€2.499
Dimensions in mm (w/h/d)77/47/1277/47/12125/83.5/14-32145/95/16200/129/27-47
MaterialCNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.CNC Alum.
Refresh Rate50Hz50Hz50Hz
RBG LED Lights1112 (conf.)16 (conf.)16 (conf.)
Connectoroptionaloptional39pin / flat mount26 pin / sealed37 pin / sealed
Multi-purpose Inputs-4x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR8x AN/DI/FR
Switch Inputs--8x2x4x
Thermocouple Inputs-2--2
Aux Outputs--2 LS2 LS2HS & 2LS
Wiring Loomyesyesoptionaloptionaloptional
Control Interface /Joystick--optionaloptionaloptional
CAN BUS11222
LIN BUS--111
Internal Sensors
Accelerometer--external (optional)3-axis3-axis
IMU--100Hz (ext./optional)100Hz100Hz
GPS--25Hz GNSS (ext./optional)25Hz GNSS50Hz
Light Sensoryesyesyesyesyes
Real-time Clockyesyesyesyesyes
Device TEMP Sensoryesyesyesyesyes
User Interface
# of Pagesup to 16up to 16up to 32up to 48up to 48
# of Display Parametersup to 128up to 128from 256up to 512up to 512
Custom Pagesyesyesyesyesyes
Custom Page Design--yesyesyes
Colour Themes--yesyesyes
Memory-32MBUSB (optional)USB1GB
Logging Rate / Channel-20Hz100Hz / variable100Hz / variable500Hz / variable
# Logged Channels-64256512512
Engine Logyesyesyesyesyes
Alarms Logyesyesyesyesyes
Lap Timing--yes (optional)yesyes
Acceleration Performance--yes (optional)yesyes
Engine Power & Torque--yes (optional)yesyes
Math Channels-4from 161616
Custom Flagsyesyesyesyesyes
Trip Meter (dist./time/avg. speed)yesyesyesyesyes
Product Versions
  • Basic: μSDM-100
  • Pro: μSDM-102 (Pro)
Technical Spec
  • Operating Voltage: 6-18 V DC
  • Operating Temperature.: -10 to 50 C
  • Dimensions: w 77mm, h 47mm, d 12mm
  • Protected against over-voltage, reverse polarity and alternator load dump conditions
What’s in the Box
  • Display
  • Wiring Loom
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 3M Velcro Tape
PLEX uSDM-102 Aquila Synergy

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