VMU-900 Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger

PLEX VMU-900 Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger


50Hz GPS/IMU Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger
high precision | fully configurable | very compact

VMU-900 is our new Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger. It’s integrated 50Hz GPS /100Hz IMU module enables very accurate measurements for a variety of applications such as driver analysis, lap timing, vehicle trajectory analysis, track mapping, acceleration-decceleration and more. The VMU-900 comes with a fully configurable CAN BUS, an RS232 port, 0-4 multi-purpose inputs and 0-2 aux outputs and is enclosed in a compact IP67 CNC aluminium body that weights just 86g. Also available in versions with 32MB datalogging, math channels, lap timing & performance calculations .

Availability: in-stock | Price (excl. VAT): from €599

Key Features

50Hz GPS Module

A  50Hz GPS module with ultra-fast start-up time (1-3 sec) enables accurate lap-timing with section break down and raw data logging.

Status Indication LED Lights

4 status LED lights indicate the status for GPS, IMU & data logging

32MB Built-in Memory

Ultra-fast built-in memory allows logging up to 3.5hours

Up to 64 Data Channels

Log up to 64 different data channels, status/error flags from external sensors, connected devices and internal calculated values

100Hz IMU Module

Accurate Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU) calculates acceleration and absolute orientation data

IP67 Environment Protection

Fully sealed enclosure effectively protects device against dust and water

Math Channels

Create user-defined math channels that allow custom parameters to be calculated in real-time

Full-speed Micro USB Port

Fast data-log memory downloading and easy device configuration from the PC

Fully Configurable CAN BUS Port

Programmable CAN BUS port for msg receive & transmit lets you configure the unit to communicate with any CAN Bus device

Optional Motorsport Connector

2 multi-purpose inputs (ana, dig, freq), 2x LS aux outputs with on-off and PWM capability

Serial Connectivity

1x RS232 port for GPS data output
Version Comparison Chart
PLEX VMU-900 Version Comparison Chart


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Availability: in-stock | Price (excl. VAT): from €599

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