VMU-900 Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger

PLEX VMU-900 50Hz Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger


Versatile Data-Logger with int. 50Hz GPS & IMU
high precision | fully configurable | very compact

VMU-900 is our new compact data logger with an integrated 50Hz GPS /100Hz IMU module that enables very accurate measurements for a variety of applications such as driver analysis, lap timing, vehicle trajectory analysis, track mapping, acceleration-decceleration and more. The VMU-900 comes with a fully configurable CAN BUS, an RS232 port, 5 inputs, 2 outputs, int. 32MB flash memory and is enclosed in a compact IP67 CNC aluminium body that weights just 80g. Also available in a basic non-logging version.

Availability: out-of-stock | Price (excl. VAT): from €599
New & Improved Version coming in Q1 2022. Stay tuned!

Key Features

50Hz GPS Module

A  50Hz GPS module with ultra-fast start-up time (1-3 sec) enables accurate lap-timing with section break down and raw data logging.

Status Indication LED Lights

4 status LED lights indicate the status for GPS, IMU & data logging

32MB Built-in Memory

Ultra-fast built-in memory allows logging up to 3.5hours

Up to 64 Data Channels

Log up to 64 different data channels, status/error flags from external sensors, connected devices and internal calculated values

100Hz IMU Module

Accurate Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) calculates acceleration and absolute orientation data (roll, yaw, pitch)

IP67 Environment Protection

Fully sealed enclosure effectively protects device against dust and water

Math Channels

Create user-defined math channels that allow custom parameters to be calculated in real-time

Full-speed Micro USB Port

Fast data-log memory downloading and easy device configuration from the PC

Fully Configurable CAN BUS Port

Programmable CAN BUS port for msg receive & transmit lets you configure the unit to communicate with any CAN Bus device

Configurable I/Os

Up to 5 multi-purpose inputs (ana, dig, freq) &  2 aux outputs with on-off & PWM capability

Serial Connectivity

1x RS232 port for GPS data output

Rugged & Compact

Similar to all other PLEX products, the VMU-900 comes in a compact & lightweight billet aluminium enclosure which makes it suitable any usage case


  • XYZ acceleration and linear acceleration
  • XYZ rotation rate
  • Calculated pitch, roll & yaw angles


  • Standing start and rolling acceleration tests
  • Brake tests
  • Engine & vehicle performance tests


  • Lap timing
  • Run comparison
  • Map overlay
  • Section analysis


  • Log CAN BUS and RS232 data
  • Log sensors directly connected to the device

Pair it with the PLEX PDA-WIN® Software

The VMU-900’s datalogging versions work with our PDA-WIN® (free) and PDA-WIN PRO® (paid) data analysis software. The new PLEX Data Analysis Software is one of the easiest, fastest and most versatile data analysis & visualisation solutions available that is meant to shape the way racers benefit from logged data by saving time & enabling smarter decision making. With an intuitive UI and ample customisation options it helps one decipher complex engine, race, driver & tuning data by visualising it in easy to interpret & compare graphs, tables and other analysis components.

Customisable UI

User defined layout of tabs and panels with handy panel docking similar to latest Windows SW suite.

Easy File Comparison

Seamlessly switch between single and comparison view even for completely different file types such as a dyno run with a track lap.

Video File Synchronisation

Sync and review you video data along with the log data to get additional information on driver performance and data context.

Fast Keyboard Shortbuts

Keyboard shortcuts for the main menu and panel functions speed up the set-up time and real-time analysis considerably.

Live Data Updating

Zoom levels & cursors are linked among all analysis panels/graphs allowing automatic rescaling & cross referencing of data.

CSV Data Import

Take advantage of the Plex Data Analysis SW and use it to analyse data from any logging system (ECUs, dedicated loggers, etc).

Multiple Data Graphs & Reports

Line-graphs, navigation graphs, XY graphs, histograms, gauges, track-maps, tuning maps, laps/runs reports, data values at cursor and more.

Built-in Project Database

Create and keep track of events, tracks, drivers, vehicles and engines for easy referencing and historical data tracking.

Smart Tuning Maps

Optimise your fuel and ignition maps by analysing the log data in tuning maps with the same breakpoints as your ECU.

Weighting merely 80g (55mm x 65mm x15.3mm) and being IP67 sealed, the VMU-900 is compact enough to fit conveniently anywhere you choose on your vehicle. Yet, underneath its aluminium enclosure lies a powerful and fully configurable datalogger with up to 64 data channels capacity for plug-n-play use with any after market ECU or for standalone operation whilst also offering math channels, configurable I/Os and variable logging rate.

True 50Hz GPS Module

True 50Hz GPS speed with 0.1m/sec velocity, 2.5m CEP accuracy and 1sec hot start. Log GPS data on the device or send it to external devices via CAN BUS/RS232.


100Hz Inertial measurement module that combines accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to report the vehicles’s specific force and angular rate (pitch, roll and yaw).

Fully Configurable Settings

Connect the VMU-900 to our PLEX Device Manager SW for in depth configuration of the CAN BUS port, datalogging, alarms, math channels and I/Os.

Version Comparison Chart
VersionBasicPRO / KPRO HD
Datalogging & I/Os-yesyes
Price in € ex. VAT€599€779€1265
Dimensionsw55mm - h65/85mm - d15.3mmw55mm - h65/85mm - d15.3mmw55mm - h65/85mm - d15.3mm
MaterialCNC anodised aluminiumCNC anodised aluminiumCNC anodised aluminium
GPS Module
Position2.5m CEP accuracy2.5m CEP accuracy2.5m CEP accuracy
Cold start29sec TTFF29sec TTFF29sec TTFF
Hot start1sec TTFF1sec TTFF1sec TTFF
Zero G offset+-80mg+-80mg+-2mg
Dynamic Accuracy+-50mg+-50mg
Calculated Linear Acceleration Accuracy+-55mg+-55mg
Static offset+-0.1deg/s+-0.1deg/s+-0.1deg/s
Dynamic Accuracy+-6deg/sec+-6deg/sec
Calculated Rotation Vector (Dynamic)+-5deg+-5deg+-1deg
Calculated Rotation Vector (Static)+-3deg+-3deg+-0.75deg
CAN BUS ports111
RS232 ports111
Multi-purpose Inputs 0-5V-55
LS Aux outputs-22
Internal Memory-32MB32MB
Logging Rate-50Hz variable50Hz variable
# Logged Channelsup to 64up to 64up to 64
Math Channels-88
Engine Logyesyesyes
Alarms Logyesyesyes
CAN TX Messages81616
Lap Timing-yesyes
Acceleration Performance-yesyes
Engine Power & Torque-yesyes


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Availability: out-of-stock | Price (excl. VAT): from €599
New & Improved Version coming in Q1 2022. Stay tuned!

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